Tour 1
1 Day Tour
Day 1
  • Bentley Priory Museum
  • Uxbridge Museum & Bunker
  • Private Dinner, London
  • Battle of Britain Speaker
Tour 2
2 Day Tour
Starts and ends in London
Day 1
  • RAF St Clement Danes Church
  • Bentley Priory Museum
  • 4* Cambridge Hotel
  • Private Dinner
  • Battle of Britain Speaker
Day 2
Tour of Duxford and lunch at Pilots Pub
Tour 3
2 Day Tour
Starts and ends in London
Day 1
  • RAF St Clement Danes Church
  • Biggin Hill
  • 4* Hotel at Hythe
  • Private Dinner
  • Battle of Britain Speaker
Day 2
  • Capel le Ferne
  • Lunch at Pilots Inn
  • Hawkinge


Rotunda Dome

The Filter Room



At Bentley Priory £4 million was spent on renovations of the Stately Home that played a pivotal role in World War ll and was Headquarters Fighter command during the Battle of Britain in 1940. The plotting rooms became the nerve centre of the systems such as radar originated by the British and operated by dedicated young men and women to provide the first early warning defence network which provided vital advantages.

A further £1 million was spent on fitting out the museum. The former Operations Room which was created at Bentley Priory in the late 1930’s now houses a variety of displays describing the Dowding system.

The splendid Rotunda Dome after Sir John Soam was extensively renovated during the creation of the museum.

View Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding’s original office and desk used whilst he led Fighter Command with stunning audio visual scenes of Dowding in his office debating tactics with Churchill. Read the heart breaking letters between Mother’s and sons and view the amazing memorabilia and original equipment used in operations.

UXBRIDGE Battle of Britain Bunker

After lunch a chance for you to climb down the steps to the Bunker operations room at Uxbridge and see what it was like to work underground. This exciting stop is at the number 11 fighter group operations room at RAF Uxbridge. It was the centre for planning and co-ordinating the air defence of London and South East England during World War 2.

The operations rooms remain the same today as they were on 15th September 1940 when Winston Churchill visited and witnessed the most significant day of the Battle of Britain.


DUXFORD Imperial War Museum

IWM Duxford is Britain’s best-preserved Second World War airfield, with a fascinating 100 year history that dates back to the First World War.

It has experienced world-changing events over the past 100 years and its finest hour was in the Battle of Britain in 1940 – Duxford was the first fighter station to have Spitfires flying in operational service. Exploring state of the art exhibition halls and historic buildings from the First World War and the Second World War, including the 1930s Watch Office and the 1940 Operations Room, you walk in the footsteps of the men and women from across the world who served at RAF Duxford.

IWM Duxford houses an extraordinary collection of aircraft and artefacts. See for yourself the aircraft that fought each other so fiercely in that fateful summer of 1940.

Hear the exhilarating true stories of the roles of the Spitfires and Hurricanes that are now conserved and how a Messerschmitt on display was captured during the Battle – regaled by our official Battle of Britain and
IWM Duxford tour director.

Extraordinary Collection of Aircraft

St. Clement Danes Church, Holborn

Hotel Felix, Cambridge

Biggin Hill, Heritage Hangar


BIGGIN HILL Heritage Hangar

RAF Biggin Hill was a vital fighter station during World War II lying on top of the North Downs in Kent. Six hundred feet above sea level, it was ideally situated to lead the fight against Hitler’s Luftwaffe attacks on England. The tour provides a truly unique experience.

Talk with engineers whilst they work on the Spitfires and Hurricanes. Also housing a captured Messerschmitt at the world’s largest facility dedicated to the maintenance and renovation of World War ll planes.

OPTIONAL EXTRA: Sit in a Spitfire and be shown the ropes
OPTIONAL EXTRA: Book a flight in a Spitfire

CAPEL-LE-FERNE The Battle of Britain Memorial Trust

Experience ‘hands-on’ interactive replica UK airfield operations systems in the new £5.5 million Scramble Experience, opened by Her Majesty The Queen in 2016. The Battle of Britain Memorial Trust Centre at Capel-le-Ferne overlooks the White Cliffs of Dover and the English Channel towards France – just 20 miles away.

Be visibly ‘moved’ by the archive film and new film shown on a 30ft wall about the ‘Fear Factor’ of the brave young men who took to the skies – sometimes several times a day – for ‘dog fights’ with the Messerschmitts.
Young and older visitors like to dress up in various RAF uniforms and climb into the new Hurricane cockpit. Access to detailed large scale models of any electronically selected airfield in UK are a big draw.

Check up on interactive personal records of Battle of Britain pilot’s flying history showing all their personal details, decorations, the places they were stationed and the number of flights – listing hits recorded in their Log Books.

HAWKINGE Kent Battle of Britain Museum

Hawkinge is a former RAF station that now houses an incredible collection of RAF Battle of Britain memorability. It is like nothing else you will see during our tours. It is a museum with a difference where real history is brought to life.

Remnants of aircraft, artefacts and an array of collectables are all displayed around a number of original hangars. You are not allowed to take photographs but you will leave with very feeling that one visit is not enough.

The Scramble Experience

The Battle of Britain Memorial

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